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Sound of Solstice

Sound of Solstice is a community musical soundscape honoring the depths of winter solstice. 

During this longest night of the year, we create a nest from which to journey into a waking reverie with the accompaniment of multi-instrumentalist composer, Jesse Manno. By candlelight and with soft eyes and bodies, we are guided into our own inner landscape by somatic guide and owner of BodyBloom Wellness, Lulu Delphine. Then, we receive Jesse’s soundscape honoring the natural rhythms of the season, improvised in the moment according to the unique energies and souls that are present.  From deep receptivity to the healing power of music, we emerge rested, with clarity for what will be planted as the days grow longer. 

Jesse Manno is a fixture in the Boulder dance, improvisation, and performance community, as well as an internationally celebrated musician and composer. He has an uncanny ability to channel sound and vibration, and has recently been named a Colorado Legend in Dance. His ability to tune into a group and provide a deeply supportive container for our healing is a gift. This experience is more than just a concert or a "sound bath." It is a dive into our interior aligned with the season, with vibration and sound as your companions. It is a journey composed in the moment by a highly attuned improviser, alchemizing what is called forth by everyone in the room.

Please arrive at 6:45 to get settled. Once the journey begins, the doors will close so as to protect the integrity of the container; there will be no late entries. Bring your own pillows, blankets or cushions if you wish to recline. Chairs are available too. Yoga mats and some cushions will be provided. Moving bodies are welcome in the back of the room. Capacity is limited. Strongly suggested to purchase tickets ahead. Questions?

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