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Sound of Solstice

Sound of Solstice is a community musical soundscape honoring the longest day of the year. 

Sound of Solstice Private Garden in North Boulder, United States, 80304 Fri 21st June 2024 Sound of Solstice is a celebration of music, the natural world, and community. We come together at Summer Solstice, the longest period of light all year, to bask in its glow and receive a live concert composed only for this event and constellation of people. Jesse Manno ( and Beth Quist ( are extraordinary multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers who have been collaborating with one another for almost 40 years. Their synergy is a feast for the senses and a buoy for the heart. They will respond to the energy of the group and themes of light, community connection, celebration, blossoming growth, and expansion to create a unique-to-this-event musical journey. Lulu Delphine, body therapist and movement facilitator, will open and close the concert, guiding the community to connect with themselves, one another, and the natural world surrounding us. As always, you are welcome to receive the music in any way you like - in movement, meditation, while nibbling on a picnic dinner or holding your beloved. Kick off your shoes and savor the light. We aim to make this a zero waste event. Please bring a picnic dinner and your own water / drinks, as well as a blanket or camp chair. Carpool if you can; parking is limited. In case of inclement weather, guests will be notified of cancellation and refunded.

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